Version 5.1

Unfortunately the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis. While we are waiting for the new competition, let’s discover the history of the contest.

This new version offers a reorganized tab of contests and entries. Links, music and video stuff are now in the upper right corner, for easy access. Pictures are now side by side with table of results or lyrics. The information section of every entry has changed look. Lyrics section has now a specific height, so you can find any information you want without much scrolling.

But that’s not all. The new version contains hundreds of new multimedia links (pictures and videos) from the last 25 years of Eurovision!

Enjoy the new version!

New update: Basic data file 2020.01 + User Data file 03

The first Basic data file for 2020 is released today. There was a “debt” for last year’s scoresheets and EuroSinging 5 now covers the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. But no appearance order yet.

The new User data file includes Youtube links for 2020 participations.


Instructions for updating

When EuroSinging starts, a background chech for new versions is executed. If a new version (program version, Basic data file, User data file) is released, a confimation message is displayed.

If you have deactivated automatic checking for new versions, please download the files from EuroSinging 5 page. Remember to save the new file to EuroSinging 5’s folder (usually C:\EuroSinging5/)