EuroSinging 5.x

EuroSinging 5 is the latest version of EuroSinging: the ultimate multimedia database for Eurovision Song Contest. The database is updated frequently with information about the recent and upcoming competition.



Download “EuroSinging 5” es5setup.exe – Downloaded 406 times – 18 MB

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Data Files

EuroSinging 5 has two types of database files:

  • Basic Data file. The main database file. It has all contest information, entries information, artists, composers, lyricists, scoresheets. The data on this file are always overwritten by the update file. So, if you modified the main database file, you should deactivate the “Check for new Basic Data file” from Settings and never update this file. In that case, you will add new contests or entries manually.
  • User Data File. This file has all links. Pictures, YouTube or other links. When you update this file, all new information are added to the existing ones. You can add your own links from inside the application.

Please download the update files from inside the application. When the application starts and a new update file is available, a confirmation message is displayed.

If you have deactivated the checking for new version or your data file is corrupted, you can download the appropriate file from below.

Download “EuroSinging 5 Basic Data File” data.exe – Downloaded 326 times – 12 MB

Download “EuroSinging 5 User Data file” userdata.exe – Downloaded 267 times – 6 MB

Transferring files and links from EuroSinging 4

In order to transfer your multimedia files and links from EuroSinging 4, follow the instructions:

  • Press the i (About) button on the up right side of main screen
  • Press the “Transfer data from EuroSinging 4” button
  • Browse to EuroSinging 4 folder (usually C:EuroSinging) and select the database file of EuroSinging 4.
  • After the procedure finishes, run EuroSinging 5 for automatic importing.