EuroSinging 2.x

This is an old version of the program, available only for historical purposes. It’s no longer supported and updated with information about recent competitions. For the latest edition, download EuroSinging 5.

EuroSinging 2 is an old version of EuroSinging (2002-2008), written in an old programming language and with minor support for new operation systems. On the other hand is fast, plain and does not requires .Net Framework 3.5, ideal for low-end computers.

EuroSinging 2 includes EuroSinging Main Program, EuroSinging Update Program, a program for adding entries and creating packages for updating the database & EuroSinging Packages Downloader for direct dowloading of updates and multimedia packages.

Version 2.3 is last updated for Eurovision Song Contest 2007.


Not available yet


Download “EuroSinging 2” EuroSinging3Setup.exe – Downloaded 217 times – 3 MB